Manufacturers of electronic monitoring modules

Simple to install with plug in terminal on the rear for connection of ship’s wiring.
Reliable, with tactile feedback, sealed touch switch controls.
Easy to use with LED backlit system status display
for instantaneous status recognition.

  • Fire


    Fire detection, Fire alarm systems

  • Tank


    Tank level monitoring, display, alarm & control systems

  • Bilge


    Bilge alarm and bilge pump control systems

  • Others


    Nav light monitor Trim Tab control Gas and fume Switch modules.

Welcome to ITIM systems

Introducing you to ITIM Systems and our range of Marine Monitoring Alarm and Control Modules. Since our commencement in 1983 we have developed a wealth of experience through working in close association with boat builders and survey authorities.

We have a continuous process of research and development for new and innovative product improvements. Our systems are designed for long term reliability, to meet or exceed your survey requirements, to simplify the operation of your vessels and to satisfy the most discerning customers.